Prof.Dr.Wael Att

Prof. Dr. Wael Att, USA
Professor, Chairman
Dept. of Prosthodontics, Tufts University
School of Dentistry, Boston, USA
Session title: “3D Engineering in Dentofacial Rehabilitation”

Stefano Inglese, MDT

MDT Stefano Inglese, Italy
Active Member at IAED,
(The Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)
Session Title: “How to achieve Aesthetic Restorations”

Dr.Braulio Paolucci

Dr. Braulio Paolucci, Brazil
Master in Implantology & Oral Rehabilitation
Private Practice, Brazil
Session Title: “The Art & Science of Personalized Smile Design”

Dr.Federico Ferraris

Dr. Federico Ferraris, Italy
Esthetic Dentistry Prof.,
DSD Master, Adhesthetics Founder, Italy
Session Title: “Composite Vs. Ceramic: Adhesthetics Protocols”

Prof. Dr. Esam Tashkandi, KSA
Associate Professor
Vice Dean for Quality & Dev
Prosthetic Dental Science, Saudi Arabia
Session Title: “Fifty Shades of Teeth; How much do we know?”

Dr. Anas Aloum, UAE
Consultant in Prosthodontics, Aesthetics
American Board, Hikma Medical Center, UAE
Session Title: “From Planning to Execution.
Combining Digital & Analog Concepts in Rehabilitations”

Dr. Andrea Ricci

Dr. Andrea Ricci, Italy
Scientific Director, IDEAT
(Institute of Dental Education and Therapy), Italy
Session Title: “How the Digital Era has impacted my practice”

Dr. Pascal Marquardt

Prof. Dr. Pascal Marquardt, Germany
DDS, Implantologist, Prosthodontics
Founder and Director of Marquardt Dentists, Germany
Session Title: “Approved & Advanced Techniques
for a Predictable Single Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone”

Dr. Ehab Rashed

Dr. Ehab Rashed
BSc, BDS, MSc, Dental Surgeon, Medical Director, Private Practice, UAE
Session Title: “Narrow Ridge Management”

Dr. Oussama Alaoui

Dr. Oussama Alaoui 
Fixed prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry
Session Title: “Smilography; Capture the teeth”

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